It is related to holy 27th night of Islamic month Rajab.Shab – e – Miraj, also known as Al-Isra Wal-Mirajand the Night of Miraj. These terms are used to portray one of the most miraculous experiences that Allah had bestowed upon Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)


This incredible journey took place during a time when the Prophet(SAW) was facing intense hardship and pain. His emotions were tested with the passing of two of the most beloved people in his life.

It all started when Angel Jibra’eel (as) woke the Prophet (SAW) up and led him to a white beast named Buraq and commenced his journey to Masjid Al – Aqsa. During Al-Isra Wal-Miraj, Jibra’eel (as) stopped the Buraq and told our beloved Prophet (SAW) to pray at several places to emphasize the importance of visiting the places in which Allah (SWT) bestowed His bounties upon His pious people. From praying near the tree where Allah spoke to Musa, by praying on Mount Sinai, where Allah gave the revelation of the Torah, the grave of Musa (as) and at Bethlehem, where Isa (as) was born. When finally arriving in Masjid al-Aqsa, the Prophet (SAW) was informed that the soul of every Prophet sent by Allah from the time of Adam to the time of Isa was brought to pray behind him, so that they would come to know the superiority, Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


During the second part of the Night of Miraj, Prophet Muhammad rose to the heavens with Jibra’eel (as). During the ascension, he met eight prophets in the seven heavens. Each prophet greeted Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by saying,

“Welcome, O’ pious Prophet and pious brother!” [Bukhari]

When he finally reached the highest level in the heavens, he was brought into the divine presence of Allah, alone at Sidratul Muntaha (a boundary beyond which none may pass) – it was here that Allah gave this ummah the gift of Isory Salah.

What should we do on 27th Rajab:

We need to spend this night reflecting on the lessons of Shab – e – Miraj and maximizing our worship and good deeds.

Being charitable and providing for those in need is a fundamental value of being a good Muslim which is why we, as Muslims must give what we can to help.

Many of us wait till Ramadan to give but have you ever thought of the rewards you would reap if you gave in Rajab – The Month of Allah.

The Prophet (saw) said,

‘Rajab is the month of Allah, Sha‘ban is my month and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah’.

Ending the note with this dua:

“Oh Allah grant us barakah( blessing) during (the months of ) Rajab and Sha’ban,and allow us to reach Ramadan”



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