Crimean-Congo Fever Alert | Health Alert in Eid al Adha

What is Crimean Congo Fever?

A viral infection that spreads through:

  1. Bites of infected ticks
  2. Contact with blood and other body fluids from infected animals or people

How to Stay Safe When Buying or Caring for Animals?

Protect yourself from ticks:

  1. Wear light-coloured full-sleeved and buttoned clothing and shoes with socks
  2. Apply insect repellent with DEET on the exposed areas of the body
  3. Inspect yourself for ticks and take a shower as soon as you return home

How to Stay Safe During Qurbani?

  1. Use a mask to cover your mouth and nose.
  2. Wear gloves and wash your hands immediately after removing the gloves.
  3. Don’t touch your eyes or nose with unclean hands.
  4. Keep your hands clean by washing with soap and water
  5. Keep animal hides away from the Qurbani site

Symptoms of Crimean Congo Fever

  1. Sudden onset of high fever
  2. Bruising or bleeding
  3. Muscle ache, backache or headache
  4. Vomiting

Symptoms develop 1-3 days after tick bites and 5-7 days after exposure to infected matter.

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