We live in tough times, and people keep dying from GUNSHOT wounds. Some of these firearm deaths can be stopped.

Many of these people die because of bleeding and not necessarily organ damage.

This article handles GUNSHOT wounds on the Chest and Stomach.

1) If the patient is conscious, let him lie down in the most comfortable position. If he is unconscious, lay him down in a way that exposes the wound.

2) DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE BULLET: this will only worsen the bleeding.

3) Apply Pressure: You can use your hands or even your knee to prevent blood flow. Forget about the pain and save his life. Pain hardly kills, but bleeding does.

4) If the wound is on the Chest, block it with plastic. This is to prevent air from collapsing into the lungs.

5) If any internal organs are exposed, try not to touch them with your hands.

6) Do not waste time taking pictures; every second wasted takes the victim closer to death.

7) Try to keep the legs lower than the rest of the body. This so increases blood flow to the legs, thus reducing blood flow to the affected area.

8) If the patient stops breathing, administer mouth to mouth breathing. If the heart stops beating, carry out chest compressions.

9) Get to a hospital ASAP.

Share widely, you may save a life.

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