iPhone 14 Faults and Defects Problems

Apple’s iPhone 14 has sold millions of units in less than two weeks since it was unveiled. The latest iPhone is touted as having the best software available. Still, there have been many significant faults and defects reported. While the company has acknowledged its errors and is working to remedy them, some users are still left with severe issues.
One of the most common problems is the camera. Many users have reported camera shakes, especially when using third-party apps. Apple is working to address this issue by issuing a software update next week. Some users have reported that the camera will not focus properly and may even buzz. This issue has caused some users to return their units and request a refund.
Another issue with the camera is an issue with optical image stabilization (OIS) in the iPhone 14 Pro and -Max. Users reported hearing and seeing a rattling noise inside the camera module and shaking in the output video. Apple has promised to address this issue in a software update next week, but there is a risk that the issue could lead to permanent hardware damage.

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