As independence day arrives,
Within me a plethora of emotions thrives;
That bird appears before my eyes,
Who used to weep every night till sunrise,

Lamenting upon her misery;
The metal bars of the aviary
Were the witnesses of her agony.
Her little eyes could see,

No light but that of dreams,
Dreams of acing the streams,
And conquering the skies,
To fly where the horizon lies;

Luckily, her tears were seen
By an empathetic being,
Pitying her pain, he let her free.
She flew out brimming with glee,

Flapping her wings with all her might,
Suddenly a paradise caught her sight;
Grains are scattered in the field all over,
And she thought, “Ah! what could be better”,

Hastily she gave in to her greed,
Forgetting why she longed to be freed;
While she relished the treatment in ignorance,
The huntsmen grinned slyly at a distance.

~Bushra Nasim

Dow Medical College, Karachi.

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JSMU Literary Society
JSMU Literary Society

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