As an independent state, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has successfully spent 75 years. Precisely, no journey is easy. The same goes for us. This considerable span of freedom conveys that the people have strived and struggled. But is this struggle actually enough to maintain autonomy and sustain its factors at the same time?

The phrase “independent state” implies a state that enjoys its sovereignty and prosperity in every aspect. From education to politics, health to defence, and social behaviour to economics.

Undoubtedly, the extent of 75 years is enough to comprehend whether we spent this epoch with all-out freedom or at someplace we are still under the influence of insentient dominations. The question now rouses, are we honestly independent? Do we have enough hearts to live free of those foreign dominations and cultured-affected thoughts?
So, to infer the era, Let’s see Pakistan in the big picture.

Being an independent state, we should be enjoying economic freedom.
We should be financially and economically robust. Is this valid in our case? let’s see

According to recent research, the total loan taken by Pakistan was around PKR 42.9 trillion by the end of March this year. It portrays how much indebted we are. One will feel no reluctance in letting out that we still lack self-reliance and are required to implore the other states for our country’s fundamentals.
Although we are the ones producing cotton, leather goods, and surgical instruments, our economy is still in danger. In the list of countries suffering an economic crisis, Pakistan sits near the top. A nation looking forward to the aid of other powers can’t be economically independent.

Considering politics, we are not independent enough to elect a leader for ourselves. Our political instability has become a subject of ferocious idealistic debate nowadays. We are encountering a forceful imposition of rulers. The family-to-family transmission of leadership has clenched from us the liberty of voting and selection of our government. We aren’t even free enough to decide on the leaders of our preference!

An independent state is one in which every individual has the top right to unleash their opinions and discern their culture, But our media is still an aficionado of the culture that’s not expedient for us. Following the exotic cultures, pursuing their traditions, and promoting their outlook, do the folks with these imprinted reflections represent an independent Pakistan?
These moral values portray that we are still influenced and captivated by many beliefs and cultures that are not a part of our sophistication.

Around 75 years heretofore, we were physically under the domination of those vicious leaders who had restricted our dreams of freedom, who just adored to overpower us. We are yet under their rule; the only distinction is of that manner of mandate. We are still the puppets, with the threads in their hands. We are yet under the constraint of other powers, not physically but mentally. Is this true independence?

We live in a state where the accoutrements of the subjects are not secure, even outside the Holy places. Undoubtedly, we got Pakistan to have a safe and secure environment for our upcoming generation and opportunities to grow and prosper. But our youth, despite having talents and degrees, is still hanging themselves for not having chances of employment. We suffered the same before 75 years. Is this a free state Quaid e Azam expected? Liberty to live, to vote, to express. Are we relishing these elements? No!

We got Pakistan to live free of all undesired dominations and to lead our lives as Islamic folks, but are we still free to follow Islamic teachings?
The racism and divorces on not bringing a demanded dowry, child labour, nepotism and, unemployment. Are these the teachings of Islam? Are these characteristic traits of a freed nation?

Rising poverty, unemployment, cronyism, and corruption! Nay! This nation may be independent of foreign domination but still is entrapped by occupied thoughts.

Conclusion back-and-forth; we have the resources, possibilities, and potential, yet we still literally flunked to stand where we should be.
We are a manikin with no true freedom to speak, express, vote, and live.
We are maybe physically independent, but we still lack the freedom of mind, thoughts, and reflections.

It is not that Pakistan, the idea of which, was proposed by Sir Allama Iqbal. It is not that independence, as defined by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

We should understand the true implications of independence since that’s the only way we can enjoy and unleash the fruits of freedom.
Moreover, each of us has to play our part instead of wavering for others to come into action. We need true leaders to motivate our spirits and guide us toward the track of actual freedom.
It is important to realize that independence does not mean physical freedom. It requires freedom to think, have the opportunity and be able to prosper without any external or internal control.
Pakistan will flourish and advance once its people acknowledge their stature and value, once the real upshot of freedom splashes into their minds. That will be over for all those forceful impositions on our hearts, spirits, and state.

Independence is a precious present from Lord
not everyone has the heart to be blessed by this reward.
Freedom suggests free minds and free land,
with all the rights in the occupant’s hand.
Autonomy to prosper, progress, and say
to choose a leader in a preferred way.
Freedom of soul is an old hat scheme.
Freedom of thought is an idea’s cream.
Thoughts should be free of foreign strings.
Follow your culture and see what it brings.
One should reflect freedom from words and moves.
It is the majesty, and time will prove.
May Pakistan comprehends the true essence of leeway
O Lord! bless us with your grace every day!


KMDC, Karachi

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