Discover the Multicultural Wonders of Fiji: Exploring the Fijian People, Culture, and Diversity

Fiji’s population is a diverse tapestry of cultures, each adding unique flavors to create a harmonious and multicultural society. The beautiful land of Fiji is home to an array of ethnicities. It includes native iTaukei, Indian Fijians, Chinese, and Europeans, all living together in perfect harmony.

Fiji culture and fijian people in a traditional dress


The majority of the Fijian population is made up of indigenous Fijians, also known as iTaukei. These people have a rich cultural heritage deeply rooted in Melanesian ancestry. Melanesia is a region in Oceania closest to Australia, comprising countries such as Fiji and Papua New Guinea. The iTaukei’s traditional way of life is steeped in tradition and is a significant part of Fiji’s cultural identity.

Fijian women in traditional fijian dress

Other ethnicities

Another significant ethnic group in Fiji is the Indian Fijians. Their ancestors were brought from India during British rule in the 19th century to work in the sugarcane plantations. The Indian Fijians have also made significant contributions to Fiji’s culture. Their presence is felt mainly in the larger urban areas such as Suva, Nadi, and Lautoka.

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Fiji map

Fiji’s multiculturalism is a beautiful melting pot where cultures blend to create a unique and harmonious society. The diversity of Fiji’s population is one of its greatest strengths. Visitors to the island can experience a rich tapestry of cultures that will leave a lasting impression.

The Fijian people are diverse and fascinating, incorporating a rich mix of cultures, religions, and backgrounds. Indian Fijians, for instance, are a vibrant community comprising Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, each with unique customs, beliefs, and festivals. Meanwhile, the rest of the Fijian population boasts a rich blend of Chinese, European, Filipino, Polynesian, and Australian backgrounds.

 FIJI cultural heritage vomo island

One of the perks of this rich cultural diversity is the opportunity to immerse yourself in various fascinating festivals and religious events throughout the year. From the colorful and exuberant Diwali celebrations to the solemn and reflective Ramadan observances, there is always something happening in Fiji to capture your imagination and feed your curiosity.

authentic Fijian cultural experience

And let’s remember the linguistic diversity of the Fijian people, with each community speaking its own language alongside the official tongue of English. From Fijian and Hindi to Chinese, Philippine, and European languages, there is no shortage of linguistic richness to discover and explore.

If you’re searching for an unforgettable and unique trip, look no further than Fiji. Unlike others, its mix of different cultures, ethnicities, and languages makes it a destination that will charm and inspire you. Therefore, why not book your flight today to experience the beauty of the Fijian people on your own?

COMO Laucala Island fiji

Did you know that Fijians are known not only renowned for their warm hospitality but also for their love of movies? Whether Hollywood blockbusters, Korean dramas, or Hong Kong action flicks, Fijians can’t get enough of the big screen. But there’s one genre that stands out above the rest – Bollywood!

authentic Fijian cultural experience

With a large Hindi population and a deep appreciation for Indian culture, Fijians have embraced Bollywood movies as entertainment that brings everyone together. You can experience this firsthand by watching a Bollywood film with the locals in one of the many cinemas scattered throughout the islands. So why not kick back, put your feet up, enjoy a good laugh, and dance with the Fijian people?

In fact, Fiji has become a hot spot for making Bollywood movies, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture serving as the perfect backdrop for these colorful and energetic films. The hit Bollywood movie “Party” was filmed entirely in Fiji, showcasing some of the country’s most incredible locations.


But it’s not just Bollywood that loves Fiji. Hollywood studios also can’t resist the allure of this tropical paradise, as seen in movies like “Castaway” starring Tom Hanks. With its stunning scenery, welcoming people, and thriving film industry, Fiji is truly a destination unlike any other.

Fiji is not just a stunning travel destination; it’s a cultural melting pot that boasts a diverse and rich tapestry of customs and communities. When you visit this tropical paradise, an array of friendly and warm Fijian people would welcome you and invite you to explore their unique heritage and traditions.

authentic Fijian cultural experience

From the indigenous Fijians to the Indo-Fijians, Fijian-Chinese, and Fijian-Europeans, you’ll encounter a plethora of ethnicities that make up the fascinating Fijian culture. As you immerse yourself in their communities, you’ll witness their daily customs, beliefs, and practices, gaining valuable insights into their way of life.

authentic Fijian cultural experience

But despite their diverse backgrounds, one thing that unites all Fijians is their shared identity. Regardless of ethnicity, every Fijian identifies as a “Fijian,” creating a sense of unity and belonging that is truly special.

So if you’re seeking an authentic cultural experience, look no further than Fiji. With their vibrant customs and welcoming communities, the Fijian People are ready to share their world with you.

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