Dresses of Maldives

Dresses of Maldives with local people

The traditional dress of the Maldives is known as “libaas.” Men typically wear a sarong-like garment called a “mundu,” made from cotton or silk wrapped around the waist and legs. The mundu is generally worn with a shirt or vest and a sarong-like piece of fabric draped over one shoulder.

Dresses of Maldives with the local shop

Women traditionally wear a long dress called a “feyli,” made from cotton or silk. The dress is typically ankle-length, with long sleeves and a high collar. The feyli is often brightly colored or patterned and is sometimes worn with a headscarf.

In addition to these traditional garments, modern Western-style clothing is also standard in the Maldives, particularly among young people and in urban areas. However, visitors to the Maldives should be aware of local customs and dress modestly in public places, particularly in rural or conservative areas.

Dresses of the Maldives with the beautiful muslims couple

It is important to note that the Maldives is a Muslim country. Visitors should respect Islamic customs and dress modestly in public areas. Women are not required to cover their heads, but it is recommended to dress conservatively and avoid wearing revealing clothing. Men should also avoid going shirtless in public areas.

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