Snowfall in Makkah’s Grand Mosque? The truth behind Viral video

Snowfall in makkah

A video of massive snowfalls in Makkah’s Grand Mosque has recently been circulating on social media platforms. But the official body for weather in the Kingdom has stated that the footage isn’t real and is fabricated.
The National Meteorological Centre (NMC) of Saudi Arabia has said the video clip that was recently shared on social media sites, with the claim of showing snowfall in the Grand Mosque, is fake, The Saudi Gazette reported.
The video shared online on YouTube and Facebook showed heavy snowfalls near the Grand Mosque and pilgrims enjoying the rare event. The 55-second video was uploaded to the YouTube channel on Saturday, and subsequent shorter clips from the video have been shared across different platforms.
The video features men and women dressed in pilgrim attire strolling along the mosque, with snow falling everywhere. Some use their phones to take photographs and videos, while others take selfies. A police officer is photographed with an umbrella.
However, many areas of Saudi Arabia, including Makkah, have seen rain during the last week, which caused flooding across the country.

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