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Being an international student could seem unattainable if you’re unsure about the best country to go to school in. Norway is an excellent option for international students because of its top-quality education. If you’re concerned about the costs of living in Norway, Don’t fret, you can apply for the most prestigious scholarships in Norway as an international student.

It’s hard to picture Norway without imagining its breathtaking mountains, fjords and glaciers. The gorgeous Scandinavian nation showcases the best of nature and offers plenty of fun. Walking, skiing and fishing are just a few ways to have fun in the great outdoors. You can also explore the cities and visit museums and other cultural structures if you wish to learn more about the urban culture.

You’d like to stay there for a long moment in the future. This is because, beneath the beautiful scene, the Norwegians have been voted among the most joyful people on earth. This article will focus on the topmost scholarships in Norway for international students to pursue higher education.

1- Erasmus Grant

Erasmus offers students from countries of the EU/EEA registered at European universities the chance to study abroad to complete their degree or add to their academic studies. Exchanges usually run between three and 12 months. Don’t hesitate to contact your local college or country’s agency for national affairs for more information visit the link given below.

Scholarship Amount Ranges: US$230 to US$700

Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD.

Furthermore, you can pursue studies in Norway through Norway’s Erasmus + Grant, one of Norway’s most highly regarded international student grants or scholarships. To be eligible for the program, it is necessary to first enrol in a degree program or tertiary-level study in a post-secondary college after that your institution of residence and the Norwegian university you’re applying to are part of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. Additionally, your studies in Norway must be related to, or at least a component of, your home institution’s degree programme.

You can take classes in Norway for up to one year at a degree level through this program. If you’ve already exceeded the limit of 12 months for your bachelor’s degree, You can be eligible for the Erasmus + Grant to pursue master’s or doctoral research. To apply, you must contact the International Office of your home university to get assistance.

The grant will cover the cost of your living and travel expenses. However, the amount could depend on the costs of living expenses in your country of residence and its distance to Norway as well as the number of people who apply for the award, as well as the availability of grants. Furthermore, you’re free of tuition, registration, library or laboratory fees or exam fees. However, you might have to cover Union dues as well as insurance.

2- Scholarships for Americans to Study in Norway

Scholarship Amount: US$1100

Eligible Degree: Masters and PhD.

The Norway-America Association offers postgraduate scholarships for Americans interested in studying in Norway. Both countries strengthen their relationship through these partnerships by investing in researchers and students. The scholarships are designed to help Americans interested in learning within Norway financially. By encouraging postgraduate research and education in areas of interest to Norway and the United States, we want to strengthen the ties between the two countries. By providing scholarships to American researchers and students, We invest in the growing knowledge, understanding, and enhancing friendship between the two countries bonds.

This scholarship is granted to deserving candidates from ten and will be based depending on their academic accomplishments and financial needs. However, the amount of the scholarship is between US$1100 and US$4000. Furthermore, the amount may differ based on the duration of time in Norway and the subject and purpose of the research. Be aware that you can not be granted the scholarship more than twice during the course of one year.

The applicant has to have an American citizen currently living in Norway to be eligible for the Norway award. If you’re applying as a full-time graduate student, you can be qualified for the award. Students on an exchange are qualified to apply for this award. You can also apply for the award even if you have had no acceptance from a Norwegian university. If you are chosen for the scholarship, you must prove your college admission.

3- Tuition Free Master’s Programs at the University of Bergen

Scholarship Amount: Tuition expenses

Eligible Degree: Master’s

Norway is famous for its public institutions that do not charge tuition fees to overseas students no matter the country of their origin. In Norway, the University of Bergen is among these universities where you can pursue your studies in Norway with its tuition-free Master’s program. Those who wish to apply to the school begin by selecting your Master’s degree from the catalogue. Some of the programs available include Medicine, Humanities, Languages, Linguistics and Social Sciences, and Fine Arts.

Note down the requirements for admission and deadlines to ensure that you submit your application by the deadline. While you don’t need to pay tuition fees at the University of Bergen, you’ll be required to show evidence of sufficient funds if you’re not from an EU country. The university also doesn’t offer self-funded scholarships, which means you’ll need to control your budget for travel and living expenses during your time in Norway.

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