A Learning Management System of Education

The Transformative Power of Competency-Based Education

Competency-Based Education is more than just an educational methodology; it’s a philosophy that redefines the learning experience. At its essence, CBE shifts the focus from time-based progression to the mastery of skills and knowledge. Instead of adhering to fixed academic calendars

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MBA Colleges in India

Top Online MBA Specializations in India

“Explore the top online MBA specializations in India for advancing your career. Discover specialized programs tailored to your interests and goals. Find the perfect fit for your professional growth with our comprehensive guide.”

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JSMU Literary Society


Flapping her wings with all her might,
Suddenly a paradise caught her sight;
Grains scattered in the field all over,
And she thought “Ah! what could be better”,

Winner in the Poetry category of Saday-e-Qalam: All Karachi Writing Competition by JSMU Literary Society.

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