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Have you ever ordered lunch on the train using WhatsApp? If the answer is no, you need to test this new feature. Now you can easily order lunch on the train using WhatsApp. The introduction of the food delivery app Zoop has been announced by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC). This software allows users to make Train Food Order via WhatsApp. Officials said passengers can access the service using the Passenger Name Record Number (PNR) written on their train tickets.

Zoop is a joint project between Jio Haptic and his IRCTC. This program allows users to order food in just a few clicks using a WhatsApp chatbot. Travelers can order food directly from their WhatsApp chat without having to go to another page. Travelers don’t need to download any additional apps or software to order food online. 

How can I eat delicious food on the train using WhatsApp?

For travelers who want to order train food from popular restaurants online via WhatsApp and consume it during their train journey. You need to follow these steps:

Before ordering lunch, you must log in to WhatsApp and register your Zoop WhatsApp number +91-7042062070. In this case, you have the option to select PNR number or train number.

This field requires the PNR number and the train number to be providedThe page shows various stations and restaurants Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas for Travelers Can Order Online.

Next, select the restaurant you want to order your lunch from, then decide which station you want it delivered to. At this point, decide whether you want your food delivered by train or not.

The next step is to view the payment page. Payment methods include both cash on delivery and online.

Take these easy steps to demonstrate how simple it is to order a meal in the subway. The time for lunch is near So you’re free to relax. You can now Check Train Coach Position using this application.

How can I order pizza for lunch on the train? 

I ordered pizza for lunch on the train. These simple rules must be followedIf you use this service, the pizza you make Train Food Order for lunch will be delivered to your home.

Just launch any of the apps mentioned above, like the official IRCTC app or zoopIndia. Then enter the information where requestedtrain number, 10 digit PNR number etc. Then choose your restaurant and landing station.

Choose your pizza from the restaurant menu. You can then view a list of different pizzas, their prices, and special offers.

If you have any coupons or great deals, please take advantage of them. Then order food on the train. Payment can be made online or at the time of delivery.

A confirmation message will be displayed. This message will help you determine whether your order is eligible.

In this case, you will be asked to remain seated at the delivery station. 

Let’s take a look at the lunch options you’ll need on the train

Vegetarian Thali: According to the classic vegetable thali, it is best to avoid meat while travelingThis can cause problems because it takes longer to digest. If you’re looking for something lighter, a traditional vegetarian thali is the way to go. This thali is hearty and perfect for lunch or dinner. It is served with rice, roti, dal, sabzi and sometimes papad. You can also choose a chopped salad on the side. These thalis usually contain food for one person and if you are traveling with children, one and a half thalis is enough.

Combo meal with rice or roti: If you prefer a light snack for dinner and you really want rice or roti, you can choose one of these combo meals. While the rice combo platter consists of a plate of rice and dal, the roti combo platter consists of a pair of roti and sabzi. Even adults can have enough Train Food OrderTo add a nice or healthy touch to your dinner, you can opt for curd rice dishes. Promotes digestion and supports physical activity. 

Biryani: Do you want to eat something special while traveling? Try Biryani. This is the best product you can order today. Vegetarian Biryani is also available, while non-vegetarian options are also available. The biryani itself is hearty, so raita should be your choice most of the time. Biryani becomes easier to digest if you use curd. Have a bottle of cold drink on hand in case the food gets too dry. As a result, digestion is also improved. There are many other ways to order lunch on the train. For example, chole bhature, dal bati, chicken etc.

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