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Train travel is fun! Rail travel offers travelers a unique opportunity through spectacular and varied landscapes. When you travel by train, you want to eat delicious and healthy food while admiring the beautiful scenery from the train window. 

Whether traveling by car, train, or plane, food is always important. Finding healthy and delicious Train Food Order while traveling between cities by train can be difficult, but eating at gourmet restaurants and famous food markets is easy. 

Sitting back and enjoying a delicious meal while looking at the colorful scenery flowing through the glass is so much fun. With food delivery by train, all your worries will be solved. Even if the train is too hot or cool, you can still healthily lose weight. With Zoop online catering services, you can do all of this. Here are some nutritious meal options available through the Zoop app, which has a comprehensive menu for meals on the train.

Classic vegetable thali

If you’re traveling by train for a long time, it’s best to avoid meat. Digestion takes time and may cause some difficulty. If you want to go light, opt for a traditional vegetarian thali. These Thalis are an ideal meal to take on board the train as lunch or dinner during your train journey. Occasionally, rice, roti, dal, sabzi, papad, etc. may also be eaten. Another option is salad. You can get it with an Online Food Delivery in Train service.

These thalis often contain enough food for everyone; if you’re ordering for a child, half the thali may be enough. 


If you are wondering what kind of breakfast to have on the train, choose parathas with achar or curd. The best option would be aloo paratha. Cottage cheese aids in digestion and also helps refresh the body, while parathas keep the stomach full for a long time. This delicious combination was created especially for breakfast on the train.

Dosa or Idlis

Dosas and idlis are perfect if you want something light for an evening snack or breakfast. Idlis can be eaten even when they are cold, but dosas become difficult to eat when they are cold. Train Food Order delivery services offer fresh and delicious food so you can eat there. All you have to do is tell them what time the train will arrive at the specified station.

Combo of Rice and Roti

If you have a light meal for dinner and prefer rice or roti, you can choose one of these combination dishes. Roti combo lunch includes roti and sabzi, while rice combo lunch includes rice and dal. Adults can eat it in just one meal. Choose a serving of curd rice to end your meal deliciously and healthily. A healthy snack perfect for train journeys. 

Vegetarian Biryani and Non-Vegetarian Biryani

Do you want to taste exquisite gourmet cuisine while travelling on the train? Biryani is a delicious and nutritious food you can buy online on the train. It is also possible to choose vegetarian and non-vegetarian bidiyani. It’s quite a hearty dish, so you’ll usually have to include the raita. Biryani is better digested if you drink curd. Get it in the mouth with the Food Delivery Service at the Railway Station service.

Vegetable khichdi

Vegetable khichdi is a hearty dish with well-cooked vegetables, dal, and rice. Khichdi is one of the best options for ordering food on the train if you are looking for a quick and healthy meal with various nutrients. It is a nutritious, delicious, and easily digestible dinner. Once you interact with our representatives, your order will be delivered to the station you desire.

How can I order food on the train?

Follow these six steps, and Zoop will deliver a healthy Train Food Order to your Seat.

Step 1: Visit the Zoop website or download the app from the following 

Visit Zoop.com or download the Zoop app.

Step 2: Enter the train name or PNR. There are two options: ‘Order by PNR’ or ‘Order by train name/number’. If you wish to make a reservation using the train number, please select the boarding date.

Step 3: Select a landing station.

Please decide where your food will be delivered when you board. 

Step 4: Select your dish from the menu.

For food delivery by train, you can choose a restaurant from the list provided on the menu. Meal delivery on the train

Step 5: Payment

It is possible to choose between offline or online payment.

Here’s how to enjoy healthy meals on the train. 

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