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Friendship has always been a topic of debate over the decades. Most of us are always searching for friends with whom we can spend our time, with whom we can share our happiness and pain, and with whom we can open up! We never thought of the classification of the friends that the Arabs have devised to check where our friendship stands! International friendship day is celebrated worldwide to light the importance of friends in life!

Here are some 12 levels of Friendship with their names and brief explanation. relate to yourself and see where you and your friends stand according to this classification.

Most of our’ friends’ are level 5 or below, and many of us don’t have a single level 12 friend.

Here are the levels:

1. Zameel: someone you have a nodding acquaintance with.
2. Jalees: someone you’re comfortable sitting with for some time
3. Sameer: you have a good conversation with them.

[this is where things get serious]
4. Nadeem- is a drinking companion (just tea) that you might call when free.
5. Sahib: someone who’s concerned for your wellbeing.

[now we’re in the actual ranks of friendship]
6. Rafeeq: someone you can depend upon. You’d probably go on holiday with them.
7. Sadeeq: is a true friend, someone who doesn’t befriend you for ulterior motives.
8. Khaleel: an intimate friend, someone whose presence makes you happy.
9. Anees: someone with whom you’re comfortable and familiar.
10. Najiyy: a confidant, someone you trust deeply.
11. Safiyy: your best friend, someone you’ve chosen over other friends.
12. Qareen: someone who’s inseparable from you. You know how they think

Comment below and tag your friends to show them  where they stands! 

Friends are the essential part of human life. This is now very uncommon to find a friend like we find in the stories of the past. The Arabs have classified the levels of friendship that can explain your friendship at the core!

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