How To Learn An English Course Online Free?

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Moving to a new country is not easy and if you are not up to date on your speaking skills then it poses a bigger threat and that is why many opt for English Courses Online.

Now, it is true that the majority of Australians speak English but that does not guarantee you can fit right in when you move to Australia.

Especially if you are from a non-English-speaking country. That is why English courses are a hot commodity now.

In these courses, not only do you learn to speak, write, and listen to English better but it also gives you the confidence to interact better with people at your workplace, college, or community.

What Are The English Courses for International Students Available in Australia?

If you are an international student shifting to Australia to study, then there are many courses available for you to benefit from.

Even if you know English, the Australian accent and slang can be a little bit difficult to follow in the beginning so many students pick up English classes for an easy transition.

Here are some of the English Courses available for International students in Australia:

  • General English
  • English for academic purposes
  • English for special purposes
  • English for secondary school preparation
  • Cambridge test preparation

Each of these English Courses serves a different purpose and students get to choose which benefits them the most.

As to which course suits you better, find that out here: What English Course Should I Take In Australia? 

How To Learn an English Course Online Free?

There are many ways a student or anyone can learn English courses online for free. You can subscribe to many tutorials on YouTube or other platforms which usually come with no charge.

If you like to go on a steady pace of your own you can choose to go apps which are free of cost and easy to follow like:

Alison – Platform

Coursera – Platform

Duolingo – App

Easy English – YouTube

edX – Platform

Tree Campus – Platform

Should I Join an English Speaking Course?

Before we tell you that, see if any of these apply to you:

  • Speak Confidently in public
  • Never out of vocabulary to convey ideas at the workplace or college
  • Never have a problem mingling with the locals
  • Never shied away from an opportunity because of fear of mispronouncing

If none of these things mentioned above have ever happened to you then you need not join an English Speaking Course.

But, if you have experienced any of the below scenarios, then it is best to join an English Speaking course.

  • Having lots of ideas and suggestions but fear of speaking in public
  • Don’t know what is the right way to form a sentence while speaking
  • Not having the vocabulary to communicate with the locals
  • Shying away from opportunities in fear of mispronouncing

These are just a few of the reasons why a person chooses to go for English Speaking Courses.

Which is Better: Online English Courses or Offline English Courses?

Benefits of Online English Courses:

  • Free of Cost (most of them)
  • Can schedule a study whenever you want
  • Can repeat chapters that you struggle in
  • Can do it anywhere irrespective of place.

Benefits of Offline English Courses:

  • Practical Skills get sharpened
  • Finding people who have the same goal as you
  • Applying skills learned immediately in class
  • Interacting and reciting with fellow classmates to make it easier
  • Can get any doubts and difficulties cleared immediately with the trainer

While both of them have their pros and cons, a student should be in a place that helps them learn more practically.

That is why Melbourne City College Australia is the right place for you to gain all the practical skills you need to be confident and well-versed in English.

Visit us at our campus or call us to learn more about us.

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