A Harrowing Experience in Nazimabad: Facing Injustice and Seeking Support in Karachi

A Power of Hammad Khatri at Nazimabad

Today, around 9:30 to 9:55 AM, Hammad was walking to his cousin’s house when he crossed a footbridge at Nazimabad 1 stop near Subhan Bakery, coming from the SITE area. The morning seemed peaceful, and he looked forward to spending time with his cousin. However, this seemingly ordinary day took a turn for the worse, leading to an encounter that would leave him shaken and disillusioned with Karachi’s state of safety and security.

As Hammad crossed the footbridge, he suddenly felt a presence behind him. Turning around, he saw a man approaching quickly. Before he could react, the man grabbed him and demanded money. His eyes were cold and menacing, and Hammad could tell he was desperate. Hammad tried to explain that he had nothing valuable on him. His iPhone had been stolen during Ramadan, and he had no cash in his pockets. But the robber was relentless.

In a flash, the robber attacked Hammad, hitting him hard on the leg. The pain was excruciating, and he felt his pants tear as the impact left a deep cut. Despite Hammad’s attempts to plead with him, the robber continued to strong-arm and attack him. The few minutes he spent harassing and attacking Hammad felt like an eternity. Fear gripped Hammad as he realized how vulnerable he was at that moment.

During the attack, Hammad mused enough strength to escape the robber’s grasp briefly. His heart raced as he tried to run, but the robber pursued him with a frightening determination. Hammad was injured and in pain, his leg throbbing from the blows he had received. Despite his best efforts, the robber caught up to him and inflicted further harm.

In a desperate bid for help, Hammad scanned his surroundings and spotted a traffic policeman nearby. Hope surged within him as he approached the policeman, limping and needing assistance. The policeman, Muhammad Imtiaz, was identifiable by his uniform. Hammad hurriedly explained his situation, detailing the attack and his need for immediate help.

To Hammad’s dismay, the policeman’s response was dismissive and cold. He stated, “Ye mera kaam nahi aur jao police station” (This is not my job, go to the police station). His words hit Hammad harder than the robber’s blows. Here was a figure of authority, someone who was supposed to protect and serve, refusing to offer assistance in Hammad’s time of need. Hammad felt abandoned, helpless, and utterly disillusioned.

This incident is not an isolated one for Hammad. In less than 2 months, this marks the second time he has been targeted by culprits in Karachi. Each encounter leaves him more shaken and more disheartened than the last. The city, once a place where he felt relatively safe, now feels increasingly dangerous, especially for someone who is hard of hearing. His exposure is magnified by the lack of effective law enforcement and the seeming apathy of those supposed to protect citizens.

The ineffectiveness and unresponsiveness of the Sindh police have left Hammad feeling betrayed and frustrated. There is no reliable support or protection in such difficult situations. When those entrusted with the safety of citizens turn a blind eye to pleas for help, it erodes the very foundation of trust and security in society.

In the aftermath of this ordeal, Hammad is left to grapple with the physical and emotional scars it has inflicted. The pain in his leg serves as a constant reminder of the violence he endured, and the policeman’s refusal to help haunts his thoughts. It is a sobering reality that individuals are left to fend for themselves in a city like Karachi, with little hope of justice or protection.

Despite these challenges, Hammad is determined not to let this incident break his spirit. He is reaching out to his community and beyond, sharing his story in the hopes of raising awareness about the urgent need for better security measures and more responsive law enforcement in Karachi. Citizens cannot continue to live in fear, constantly looking over their shoulders and wondering when the next attack might come.

Hammad urges the authorities to take these incidents seriously and to implement measures that will restore a sense of safety and security in the city. This includes better training for police officers, ensuring they understand the importance of their role in protecting citizens, and holding them accountable when they fail to fulfill their duties. Additionally, there should be more visible police presence in areas known for criminal activity, and swift action should be taken against those who perpetrate such acts of violence.

To his fellow Karachiites, Hammad implores them to remain vigilant and to support one another in times of need. The community must come together to demand better protection and to stand up against the violence and offences that threaten daily lives. Through collective effort, meaningful change can be hoped for, making the city a safer place for everyone.

Hammad also wants to extend his gratitude to those who have reached out with support and encouragement. Their kindness and solidarity mean more than he can express. In these trying times, the strength of the community gives him hope and the resolve to keep fighting for justice.

Finally, Hammad asks you to continue supporting his YouTube channel. He aims to raise awareness about the issues through this platform and advocate for a safer, more just society. Your support helps amplify his voice and brings attention to the urgent need for change.

In conclusion, this harrowing experience has underscored the urgent need for better security and more responsive law enforcement in Karachi. Hammad hopes that by sharing his story, he can contribute to making the city a safer place for all its residents. Let us work together to ensure that no one else has to endure the fear and helplessness Hammad felt on that fateful day

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