Deleting Your AI on Snapchat: A Step-by-Step Guide

snapchat delete step by step guide


Snapchat is a highly well-known social media site for its distinctive characteristics, like filters that simulate reality and interactive AI experiences. If you’ve previously created an AI on Snapchat and wish to delete it, this guide will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step process to help you achieve that. Please note that this guide assumes you have a basic understanding of navigating and using Snapchat. Let’s get started!

Understanding AI on Snapchat:

Snapchat’s AI feature allows users to create personalized virtual characters or avatars to interact with friends and followers on the platform. These AI characters can be designed to resemble the user or take on various imaginative forms. However, if you want to remove your AI from Snapchat, follow the instructions in the subsequent sections.

Navigating Snapchat Settings:

  • Open Snapchat: 

Install the Snapchat application from your smartphone.

  • Access Settings: 

Tap on your profile icon in the screen’s top-left corner to access your profile.

  • Go to Settings:

 Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of your profile page to access the Snapchat settings.

Managing Your AI Settings:

  • Locate Bitmoji Settings: 

In the settings menu, scroll down until you find the “Bitmoji” section. Tap on it to access your Bitmoji settings.

  • Edit or Remove Your AI: 

In the Bitmoji settings, you will see various options to customize your AI avatar. To delete your AI, tap “Change Avatar” or a similar option indicating modifying your AI character.

  • Confirm Deletion: 

Snapchat may present a confirmation message asking if you want to delete your AI character. Read the message carefully and confirm your decision to proceed with the deletion.

Clearing AI Data:

  • Delete AI Data: 

Deleting your AI character is one of many steps in removing all associated data. Return to the Snapchat settings and find the “Privacy” section to ensure a complete deletion.

  • Access Data Settings: 

In the privacy settings, look for “Data” or “Data Settings.” Tap on it to access data-related preferences.

  • Clear AI Data: 

Look for any options related to AI or avatar data. Snapchat may label it “AI Data,” “Avatar Data,” or similar. Tap on the respective option and select “Clear Data” or a similar phrase to remove all associated data from your device.

Additional Steps:

  • Logout and Re-login: 

To ensure that all changes take effect, consider logging out of your Snapchat account and logging back in after a few minutes

  • Revoke App Permissions (Optional):

If you want to be extra cautious, you can revoke Snapchat’s access to specific device permissions. Go to your device settings, locate the “Apps” or “Application Manager” section, find Snapchat, and modify permissions as desired.


If you follow the steps in this article, you can delete your AI Snapchat account completely. Snapchat. Make sure you navigate the settings menu with care make sure you confirm each deletion and the precise data associated with it. Also, consider logging out and back into the Snapchat accounts to ensure the changes are in effect. Now, you can use Snapchat without a fake AI avatar. Enjoy snapping!

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