5 Best Tips For Promoting Your Business on Instagram

5 tips for promotion on Instagram

Today, Instagram is one of the world’s largest social networks and, consequently, a fertile ground for business. According to Instagram data, 90% of people who use the app follow at least one company profile.

Therefore, if you have a brand, it is essential to have a strong presence on social media, as many of your potential customers may be there. To help you better, we’ve listed five tips for promoting your business on Instagram.

1. Invest in Planning 

Creating an account for your business on Instagram is simple and quick. Therefore, your initial focus should be on planning. We are bombarded by thousands of pieces of information on the internet all the time, and the more you can retain the attention of the right people, the better. 

First, understand your business’s consumer profile and, from there, build a content plan that will be attractive to your potential customers.

Some topics that can be included in your planning:

  • Institutional content about your company;
  • Information on how to purchase your product/service;
  • Informative content with issues related to your niche;
  • Photos of your product/services;
  • Brand news and launches;
  • Participation of your company in sector events and fairs;

When planning, consider which hashtags you can use in post texts ― they are an excellent way to make your content trackable, as they will appear in searches for the hashtag and establish a niche for your company.

It is also essential to choose a visual identity and language for your profile and be consistent. 

Select some color palettes to make your feed more beautiful, and think about the best way to communicate with your audience, such as whether you can adopt a more informal speech.

Finally, if you invest in Instagram, another tip is to keep a corporate smartphone to manage the network. This will give you more organization and professionalism, avoiding mixing your personal and company accounts. An excellent mobile internet plan is also essential, especially considering the possible external materials you will produce!

2. Use quality photos and videos.

Instagram is an image-focused social network, so your photos and videos must always be high quality. Even if you don’t have professional equipment, nowadays, most cell phones capture high-quality images, which makes this process easier.

You can edit your content using the app itself, improving the image’s sharpness or using a filter. You can also use specific apps for editing images and videos.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the image resolution of other posts, such as informative ones. It’s easy to find websites that allow you to edit images and use icons, gifs, and other visual resources on your Instagram profile.

3. Make sponsored posts

Ideally, all your posts would generate a lot of engagement and views. However, with so many companies and profiles on Instagram, a sponsored post (i.e., an ad) is an excellent way to stand out.

Before selecting the best content to be promoted, define your persona. 

Personas provide an in-depth portrait of your potential consumers for your brand. When creating one, it is necessary to list details about gender, age, interests, and location, allowing Instagram ad tool users to target publications based on these variables.

With your personas already outlined, think about where the potential buyer you want to attract is. Does this audience already know your brand? Do you want to launch a new product? Or do you want to gain new customers for your business?

With this in mind, develop content that is of interest and attracts the attention of these people. 

Think of the ad as a business card: the words must be assertive and call the public to take action (follow your profile, make a purchase, etc.). Remember always to have the post’s layout and photo impeccable, as this will be people’s first contact with your ad. 

After developing all the content, determine your budget and, of course, track the metrics.

4. Create partnerships 

Another way to ensure an effective way to promote your business on Instagram is through partnerships. Partnerships can be made with both other brands and influencers.

In the case of other brands, consider services or products that may be of interest to your audience. If you sell plants, for example, how about a partnership with a shelf and shelving brand? You can offer discounts, giveaways, or exclusive content from that other brand and vice versa.

When looking for an influencer to close a partnership, your search can start with hashtags and other profiles related to your business. You don’t need someone with millions of followers: a good collaboration with a local influencer could be required to give your brand more visibility.

5. Make interactive content

Sweepstakes, contests, surveys, and other interactive content are great ideas for generating engagement on your business profile on Instagram. Check out some content below that you can develop:

  • Product giveaways: these can even be done in partnership with another brand or influencer.
  • Contests: how about running a contest where your audience uses a hashtag with your brand name? The prize can be a product, service, or experience your business provides.
  • Surveys: Stories allow you to perform surveys in real-time. You can create “yes or no” polls or use an open question box. You can do something fun that generates engagement and, in addition, collect insights from your customers about your products and brand.
  • Exclusive filter: Create an exclusive filter for your business and guarantee advertising for your brand! It can be a more relaxed or institutional filter; it all depends on your audience. This is a more complex feature, and therefore, the best option may be to hire a graphic designer.

In other words, use your creativity!

Once again, there are several ways to interact with your audience. You can do this before/after using your product, open a question box, recommend partner companies, or create videos that attract attention. All of this can be done with a few resources: a simple mobile device, a good internet plan, and a tool to create good visual content. Cool!

Ready to boost your business?

Buy Instagram Likes UK is an excellent platform for promoting your business. Following our tips will create a strong presence for your brand on social media.

Always maintain language that resonates with your audience and start captivating your customers!

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