Living Room End Tables That Are Worth Buying

Living Room End Tables

End tables are often overlooked in interior design although these tables play a critical role in adding a point of interest and finishing touch to your living space. These versatile pieces serve multiple purposes, especially if you love to read along with your TV running in the background, showcase your finest works of art, or simply enjoy updating your home decor! 

Whether you like to cuddle up on your couch, spend time nestled in your favorite accent chair,  or have an upcoming soiree planned, having an end table nearby can enhance the overall experience. 

There are a gazillion different designs in the market to choose from, ranging from delicate tray silhouettes to space-saving end tables with storage and sculptural masterpieces. No matter what your preference is, you can always find the Top-End Tables to Buy that fit your home interior and budget.

So, if you need more clarification about which types of Living Room End Tables will fit your preferences and space best, we have come up with three Modern End Tables worth buying.

So, let’s get into it!

The Best End Tables for Living Rooms That Are Worth Buying

Round Accent Table

If you’re looking for the perfect small accent table, this round table is for you. You can use it as a plant stand, telephone stand, or coffee table. You can customize this table in a variety of color options to complement your living room interior and decor. For instance, if you want a minimal look, you can go for the white table as it is the best option to create a lively and sophisticated living room. Moreover, white furniture also helps in making the room look brighter and bigger.

Stacking End Table

These stacking tables are versatile additions to any contemporary living room interior. Featuring two sizes, they showcase a sleek and modern design and fit snugly together, making them a great choice for any living room setup. Their white-colored UV sheet circular top reflects light, creating an alluring and bright ambiance. 

The solid iron base of these tables reflects an interplay of subtle luxury refinement. Moreover, the unique space-saving design makes these tables a perfect choice for those with limited space.

Standing Desk

This sleek-looking standing desk can fit in with any modern-styled room or office giving it a sophisticated and fresh look. With the intelligent C-shape design, you can slide the bottom of the table under your sofa and utilize the tabletop for eating, writing, or placing a laptop while working from home.

This end table is made from high-grade steel or iron and can support up to 35 pounds, allowing you to place heavy items like laptops, books, and lamps on it without worrying about the desk. 


In conclusion, end tables can improve both the function and look of any space. However, it is crucial to choose an end table that coordinates with the rest of your living room or look for an accent piece that can have all of your guests talking.  

With so many options available in the market, it can get quite difficult to choose the best option considering your style, taste, and needs. That is why, we have listed the top-end table designs that you can get to amplify your room’s aesthetics.

Whether you need a design that is space-saving or something that can go with the rest of your classic or mid-century modern furniture, we have included a variety of styles in our in-depth round-up. 

However, if you are looking for high-quality furniture stores that offer affordable End Tables, Tarkhan is your place to shop. They provide a variety of home and office furniture at amazing prices. Moreover, they also provide customization options so that you can modify the designs, dimensions, and colors of your favorite furniture pieces to make them fit your home. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit their website now, select your favorites, and place your order. Happy shopping!

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