How can you keep Bees out of your Pool?

bees in swiming pool

You are lying quietly in your favorite pool with the warm sun above your head and the cool water flowing between your feet. The perfect way to spend the afternoon until you hear a buzzing sound. When you leap at the pesky flying intruder, your simple gliding motion suddenly turns into waving arms and splashes of water. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, bees and wasps are as fond of our pond as we are. So, How can you keep bees out of your pool?

Why do bees love your pond so much?

Your favorite oasis will be as attractive to you as it is to bees and wasps. From the bright blue waters to the surrounding vegetation, there are many attractions that bees cannot resist. Bees often come to your pond on a hot day to replenish the water, collect water to return to the hive, or collect pollen from nearby flowers and plants. Of course, they can only leave after stopping for a drink on the porch.

Sometimes, bees may not seem like a big deal, but the further away you are from your pond and backyard, the more bees there are, the bigger the problem becomes. Plus, nothing is more fun than getting stung by bees in the pool!

How to keep bees out of your pool

There are many free options to choose from when it comes to keeping bees out of your home. Fortunately, all the methods listed in this article are humane and do not harm bees. Although bees can be annoying, it’s important to remember how important they are to our ecosystem. Regular swimming pool cleaning will also help prevent bee visits.

Now let’s move on to how to keep the bees buzzing in your pond!

  •  Provide another water source

Create a pond suitable for bees to feed on so they can leave your pond. Take a shallow box and fill it with a thin layer of sand or gravel so the bees have a place to land. Then fill it until the water reaches the bottom of the pebbles. Place the water container as far away from the pond as possible and repeat the process as many times as necessary to ensure the bees do not need to revisit your pond.

Bees can be stubborn, so it’s easier to train them right away rather than trying to disrupt their routine. It’s a good idea to add water before opening the pond or before the beginning of summer to get the bees used to drinking water from a bowl instead of a pond.

  •  Keep Your Pool Flowing

Regular water flow is essential to the overall health of your pond and a great way to protect wildlife of all shapes, sizes, and sizes. Bees are not good swimmers and try to avoid moving water. Therefore, keep your pool running for at least 8-10 hours a day to scare away the bees and keep your pool healthy.

  •  Beautify Your Backyard

Nothing adds beauty to a swimming pool like beautiful flowers and lush backyard landscaping. Unfortunately, bees and other insects agree, too, and will likely flock to your outdoor haven to enjoy the plants. But don’t worry, and you don’t need to beautify your lawn to protect yourself from bee attacks.

If possible, move any plants that are attractive to bees to another area away from the pond and replace the plants with bees. Plants such as mint, thyme, and spearmint may smell nice to humans, but bees cannot stand their smell. Consider planting a garden plant near your pool to create a natural barrier against buzzing bugs. Ensure sufficient distance between the garden and the pool so that dirt and debris do not contaminate the water.

  •  Avoid bright colors around the pool

Beige bikini? Panties? Although you don’t need to go that far, we recommend limiting bright colors in your pool area. A bee sees a yellow scarf or red shirt and thinks it’s a beautiful flower. So if you must buy a pink shirt this summer, consider pairing it with a simple, neutral scarf to reduce noise and keep the bees away.

  •  Use dryer sheets

Using dryer sheets is an easy way to keep bees out of your pool. Yes, paper towels! Like some essential oils and herbs, bees don’t like the smell and won’t buzz around them. Before jumping into the pool, put some paper on the towel, cover it under the pool chairs, or tie it to a stick and place it around the pool.

  •  Keep food and drinks covered

If you’ve left drinks outside unattended, you may have feared finding something inside while drinking. Just like humans, bees love the delicious and sweet taste of soda, tea, and other beverages, especially in hot weather. Therefore, if your pool is full of bees, it would be best to leave these drinks inside and bring water or unsweetened drinks to the pool.

Bees are an important part of your swimming pool, but that doesn’t mean they have to live in your pool. Following the tips above, you can keep the bees away and get the most out of your summer! Make sure your pool cleaning services are updated to prevent unwanted visitors.

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