How To See Horoscope Matching For Marriage?

Horoscope Matching For Marriage

In a world where couples repeatedly deal with modern life’s challenges, people search for various means of ensuring compatibility and a successful marriage. One such old astrological technique is horoscope matching. This customary practice, popular in numerous cultures, holds that an individual’s birth chart can reveal information about their relationships. Let’s study what knowledge horoscope matching offers for a happy and peaceful marriage.

Horoscope Matching

In Vedic astrology, horoscope matching, also called Kundali matching, compares two people’s birth charts to determine whether they are compatible. The placements of celestial bodies at the precise moment and location of a person’s birth are displayed on a map known as a birth chart or horoscope. It contains the positions of the sun, moon, celestial bodies, and other astrological elements, resulting in a unique view of the individual’s cosmic effects. Additionally, online horoscope matching for marriage is available on some platforms. If someone would prefer to refrain from speaking with an astrologer, they might make use of these platforms. Let’s now discuss the factors that affect horoscope matching.

Factors that Affect Horoscope Matching


An essential component of kundli matching is guna. An analysis of the characteristics or attributes known as “gunas” may provide crucial details regarding the character of a relationship. Eight gunas are matched during the process to determine a couple’s compatibility. There are 36 points in these 8 gunas. Additionally, the points the pair receives determine their compatibility.

Furthermore, the people are a match if their points between 28 and 36 are good. Points ranging from 18 to 27 are regarded as medium, meaning they show support for marriage. A score of less than 18 is deemed incompatible. When a couple’s points are less than 18, there is a greater likelihood of miscommunication and conflict. A marriage with less than 18 points will also be miserable.


When assessing an individual’s compatibility and character, nakshatras are quite important. It is said that emotional and psychological compatibility can be ensured by matching the nakshatras of potential partners. Furthermore, there are a total of 27 Nakshatras.


According to Vedic astrology, an imbalance, imperfection, or defect resulting from the poor placement of celestial bodies in an individual’s Kundali’s 12 houses is called a “dosha”. These placements can have an impact on a person’s health, fortune, profession, marriage, and several other areas of their lives. Consequently, it’s crucial to determine whether or not one partner’s kundli has a dosha before marriage. A partner should not get married if he has a dosha in his kundli. However, if they get married, it will not be good. For example, disputes, childlessness, and demise.

Planetary Position

Understanding the basis of a relationship requires analyzing the planetary placements and factors in horoscope matching. Every planet in a person’s birth chart reflects a distinct aspect of their personality and has an impact on a different aspect of life. The way the planets move together demonstrates how different energies come together to influence a partner’s behavior and general compatibility.

Why Horoscope Matching?

Horoscope matching’s main goal is to guarantee a happy and long-lasting relationship by pointing out potential problems and points of compatibility. Many people think that astrological alignments might lead to a more harmonious and understanding relationship. It can prevent someone from making the wrong kind of connections. Determining hidden issues may help a couple. One can locate a remedy by being aware of these issues.

Advantages of Horoscope Matching

Compatibility Assessment

Horoscope matching gives both individuals information about their compatibility, assisting them in recognizing one other’s advantages and possible points of contention.

Prevention of Future Issues

Doshas and other astrological elements can help couples predict problems and take proactive steps to address them before they arise. For instance, if an individual’s kundli contains a dosh, it will be detected via kundli matching. Couples can either find a solution or call off the wedding after realizing it.

Family and Cultural Respect

Horoscope matching is regarded as a means of ensuring compatibility between families and their ideals, as well as a method for determining individual compatibility in many cultures. The practice of matching kundlis has been passed down through generations. People also observe this rite with utmost respect and devotion.


Many cultures have passed on the custom of matching their horoscopes through generations. Many cultures around the world follow this tradition. Some view it with suspicion, while others see it as an important tool for building relationships. The practice is unique in that it offers an insight into the forces of the universe that shape our lives, regardless of personal belief. Horoscopes are a fascinating part of human life, whether you’re looking for direction or want to understand the mysteries of the universe.

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