Homemade Fudge Brownies

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We’re starting up a home-based brownie business. Initially, we’re baking only fudgy brownies. They are rich, thick, and soft, with a texture of fudge.

The taste of brownies is as delicious as it looks. You can serve to your family and friends with a mild hot brownie & ice cream on the top.

Also, we are maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

After some time we’ll introduce variations in fudge brownies for instance Chocolate fudge brownies, Nutella brownies & Brownie pops.

Delightful packaging & taste which attracts you to pay for.

We enjoy baking and love to serve people with pleasure. We are on Instagram as @fudgyliciousbrownies you can follow there and place orders through direct messages. You can also tag us & we’ll share your stories/posts on our page.

Right now we’re delivering only in Karachi.

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