Comprehensive Support for International Students: Coracle’s Essential Services for Studying in Germany

A Visually Coracle in Germany

Coracle is a specialized service provider that offers essential support for international students planning to study in Germany. They provide comprehensive packages that include a blocked account, health insurance, and travel insurance, making the visa application process smoother and more efficient.

Coracle’s Offerings

Blocked Account: A blocked account is a requirement for obtaining a student visa in Germany. Coracle offers a hassle-free service to set up and manage this account. The process includes an online application, secure document management, and quick verification, often providing the necessary documents within a few hours. The total cost for a 12-month blocked account through Coracle is €11,387, with a buffer amount of €80 that is returned with the first payout

Health Insurance:

Public Health Insurance: Coracle partners with major German public health insurers such as TK (Techniker Krankenkasse), Barmer, and AOK. The monthly premiums vary slightly depending on the insurer and the student’s age. For students under 30, the premiums range from €120.34 to €133.25 per month

Private Health Insurance: For language students and those attending Studienkolleg, Coracle offers private health insurance coverage through ERGO. This package also includes free incoming travel insurance

Travel Insurance: Coracle includes free travel insurance with its health insurance packages. This insurance covers unlimited treatment costs and is valid for up to 180 days, meeting all the requirements for German student visas

Package Options

PRIME UNI: Designed for Bachelor and Master students, this package includes a blocked account, public health insurance, and free travel insurance. This all-in-one solution simplifies the visa and enrollment process

PRIME PRE: Tailored for language students and Studienkolleg attendees, it combines a blocked account with private health insurance and free travel insurance.

How to Apply

Choose Your Package: Decide whether you need the PRIME UNI or PRIME PRE package based on your study program.

Online Application: Complete a straightforward online form with your personal and academic information.

Transfer Funds: Transfer the required amount to your blocked account using Coracle’s partner services.

Activate Services: Once in Germany, provide your account details to start receiving monthly payouts and activate your health insurance.

Why Choose Coracle?

CCoracle prioritizes transparency, ease of use, and outstanding customer support. They provide a personal dashboard for managing accounts and documents, allowing students to easily track their funds and insurance status. Their user-friendly and efficient services make them a popular choice among international students

For more detailed information or to start your application, you can visit Coracle’s official website.

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