UK’s Biggest Consumer-Owned Wind Farm to Launch in Scotland this month

UK is the Biggest Consumer-Owned Wind Farm to Launch in Scotland

The Kirk Hill Wind Farm located in South Ayrshire, partially owned by over 5,600 individuals and small businesses, is anticipated to provide energy for approximately 20,000 households and commercial establishments.

This renewable energy project with eight turbines is spearheaded by Ripple Energy. It was funded through £13.2 million raised by the public and small in 2022 for its construction.

The owners will not only be able to power their residences using up to 100% green energy, aiding in combating climate change but are also projected to save substantial amounts on their electricity expenses throughout the site’s operational period.

Sarah Merrick, the CEO and founder of Ripple Energy, stated: “We offer numerous individuals the opportunity to collectively own significant wind farms and solar farms.”

“So instead of having to have rooftop solar on your home, you could get your power through that by the grid.” 

Ms Merrick spent 17 years in the renewable energy sector before founding Ripple in 2017.

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