Best Android Libraries to Boostup App Development Time

Use the best android libraries to boost development time

You have probably used many libraries as an Android developer. Libraries allow us to leverage other developers’ efforts to accomplish specific actions quicker, more effectively, and with less boilerplate code. Libraries are also there to speed up faster and more effective development.

This library has a gorgeous interface similar to Retrofit. Once you’ve already used any of the two, you will not encounter any difficulties integrating and setting up. The significant advantage of Room’s database is its simplicity, unlike other ORMs that have incredibly complex APIs that require you to study the complete documentation before using Room.

The Room is straightforward to grasp, very fast and will certainly make your life easier while developing.


Every Android app developer would like their applications to be user-friendly with the best UI and animations. Many found spirits challenging to create and maintain, so they avoided them. Here’s a library that could help.

Lottie is one of the Android library development apps that can parse Adobe After Effects animations exported as JSON using Bodymovin and renders them natively for mobile. With Lottie, designers can create stunning animations without engineers creating them manually. The library permits developers to move back and forth, and more crucial, it lets animators respond to any type of interaction.


It is necessary to display an array of images from an external source, but you’re left with unloaded images or endless loading. The solution is right here. Glide is an extremely capable image loader that is one of the top emerging Android tools for designers and is highly recommended by Google.

Glide gives animated GIF support for image loading and caching. It assists in fetching and decoding videos, images, and these GIFs that include one of the many options.

The initial goal is to make scrolling for any image collection effortless. It also works when you have to get, change the size, or even display an image from a remote spot.


Google’s toolset is the cherry on top. It aims to assist developers in building, improving, and growing their apps. It provides many services that developers would have to manually build, and now, it’s easier. Firebase contains things such as Analytics, File storage and Push messaging.


Many Android apps rely on communication with an online database or server, and Retrofit is the most widely used. Retrofit is an Android and Java type-safe REST client. In the past, to make a network request, you had to execute an AsyncTask and then use HTTPSUrlConnection. This was problematic when working with significant APIs, which are now solved by Retrofit.

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