Benefits of Green Roofing


Green roofing has many economic, societal, and ecological advantages. Green roofing forms a critical part of construction that is environment-friendly. Research has found that people are usually happy in a green environment. Green roofs encourage patients to recover faster from their sickness and improve overall pain tolerance. Overall, green roofing helps in creating an excellent healing environment. Some of the well-known advantages offered by green roofing

Green roofing Reduces Storm Water Runoff

After the heavy downpour, the runoff can cause extensive damage to the infrastructure and cause damage to the house. Hence, green roofing plays an effective role in reducing the damage caused. The other related advantages are-

  • Green roofing retains a lot of rainwater and, along with the plants, returns water to the environment through transpiration and evaporation.
  • The stormwater in the roof is reduced overall in volume and is delayed.
  • Stormwater from the green roof is much cleaner than the stormwater in a conventional roof.
  • The delay and increased water retention in the runoff reduce the overall stress on the sewers and the stormwater infrastructure.
  • The cost savings due to green roofing reduce the need to build or modify the existing infrastructure.

Reduction in the Heat Flux in The Roof

Green roofing reduces the overall heat flux in the roof of the house and the overall energy required for heating or cooling, reducing the value of the energy bills. Also, green roofing on the outer surface of the roof is much more effective than the insulation that is carried out on the inside. The other related advantages are-

  • During the summer season, green roofing effectively protects the house from the adverse effects of solar heat.
  • During the winter, the green roofing reduces the loss of heat by providing an additional layer of insulation.
  • Since green roofing plays a big role in energy conservation, it results in very few greenhouse gas emissions.

Green roofing Habitat

Green roofs serve as excellent living areas for creatures that struggle to survive in the harmful environment. Like the Killdeer, birds that nest on the ground usually use green roofs for building nests. Some of the related advantages are-

  • The habitats in green roofs can help in creating corridors that connect different habitats or patches in an urban sea or habitats away from the city.
  • These habitats serve as excellent places for biodiversity.

Green roofing Creates Extra Space

Green roofing creates a lot of extra space and adds a lot of value to cities that show an increase in densities. Because of this, the rooftops can be used for recreational activities like urban agriculture. The other related advantages are-

  • Extra space for daycare and meetings is available when green roofing is done.
  • It improves the house’s overall aesthetic view for the neighbours staying in the adjacent houses.
  • It increases the overall creativity and worker productivity.
  • It improves overall food security with the help of food production and rooftop gardening.

In addition to all of this, green roofing creates an efficient fire-resistant layer. Green roofing plants usually house a lot of moisture. Hence, they create a natural fire-resistant layer for the house. Also, using a vegetation blanket creates a direct green result. These mats are carefully cultivated in such a way that 90% of the coverage is provided in the houses. These assure house owners that weeds don’t get a chance to establish themselves and ensure that very little maintenance is required.

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