7 Different Types Of Splashbacks Highly In Demand

Different Types of Splashback

Now that you have built your dream house, it is time to decorate it with the best accessories. In fact, the accessories of your house make the interiors stand out from the crowd. When it comes to designing the interiors of a house, every corner of the house demands a different approach. Indeed, all the parts of your house are beautiful. But an integral portion is the kitchen. That’s where all the cooking work goes in.

Just imagine a house without a kitchen. Is it possible? Never. Since a lot of heat is generated in the kitchen, the walls here tend to become greasy and sticky soon. As a result, most people complain of being tired of cleaning kitchen walls. Unfortunately, after a point of time, however much you wipe these kitchen walls, the stubborn stains do not fade away. To prevent such unwanted stains and splutters on the kitchen walls, it is best to install splashbacks.

These are great decorative items and protect the kitchen walls. How do you get these splashbacks for your kitchen? There are various kinds of splashbacks at an affordable rate. But, which splashback is ideal for your kitchen space? To understand this, you have to go through the different types of splashbacks available as given in this blog.

Types of Splashbacks 

Generally, the splashbacks have a glossy, reflective finish on the surface. This shine and luster of the splashbacks help in letting in more natural light and illuminate the kitchen area. So, if your kitchen has less space and low light, these splashbacks will surely aid in making it appear brighter.

However, different kitchen areas demand different types of splashbacks. You certainly cannot fix a stainless splashback on dingy kitchen areas. Keeping in mind the size, shape, illumination, and use of the kitchen, here are some of the splashbacks you can pick from:

  • Engineered Stone Splashback

Have you thought of bringing some elegance to your kitchen area? Invest in these engineered stone splashbacks and make your kitchen area look stunning. To bring a sense of similarity and symmetry, you can use that same engineered stone splashback and use it in the kitchen benchtop.

However, if you use this engineered stone splashback on both the kitchen walls and the benchtop, be alert about the colors you use. Make sure to use splashbacks that match well with the kitchen wall colors. Generally, people prefer using white or black stone splashbacks in the kitchen. You can create a contrasting effect with these two.

One of the primary reasons why people choose engineered stone splashbacks is their easy maintenance and durability. You certainly don’t want to replace these kitchen splashbacks every now and then. Instead, you look for something that will last for a long time. the engineered stone splashbacks use hardy materials that last long.

Regarding cleaning them, you can simply use a wet towel and wipe the dirt from the top of these splashbacks gently. Voila! It’s that easy!

  • Natural Stone Splashback

In the range of natural stone splashbacks, you can get two options –granite splashbacks and marble splashbacks. It is needless to say that granite is durable and robust. Therefore, you can expect it to last long. In case you have used the granite splashback for the kitchen walls, make sure to extend it to the kitchen benchtop. Besides, granite is a heat and stain-resistant material. So, in a place that generates the maximum heat and stains, granite works the best.

On the other hand, marble, another natural stone needs more maintenance. Although the surface of marble splashbacks is resistant to heat, it is not as good as granite. This is because, with time, the color of marble can undergo a slight change. Secondly, there can be some damage to the luster of marble due to constant wear and tear. Thirdly, marble splashbacks can experience cracks on their surface due to thermal shock.

  • Mirrored Splashback

Do you fascinate about getting mirror glass splashbacks? Well, this is in trend nowadays. Most people suffer from a lack of space in the kitchen. To make the kitchen area look bigger, you can invest in these mirrored splashbacks. The mirrors of these splashbacks create a reflection of the entire kitchen interiors and make the space look bigger.

Such mirrored splashbacks are suitable for any kitchen area. If you want more illumination in your kitchen, install these mirrored splashbacks. They bring in the outdoor natural light indoors and illuminate the area. besides, the mirrored kitchen splashbacks are durable, easy to clean, and need almost zero maintenance. Any time you notice a stain or unnecessary mark on these splashbacks, you can wipe it with a wet towel.

  • Colored Glass Splashback

How about adding a dash of color to the kitchen area? Well, that’s not such a bad thing. For this, you have the colored glass splashback to your aid. However, when you want to add some colored splashback to the kitchenit can be a tricky affair. You can either create a contrasting effect or a monochromatic effect. Else, you can also match the shade of the colored glass splashback to the kitchen cabinets.

For both dark and light shades, the reflection is the same. Again, the color-coordinated glass splashback requires almost no maintenance. Microfiber cleaning cloths and a non-abrasive glass cleaner are sufficient to make the glass splashback appear shiny.

  • Tiled Splashback

When it comes to tiled splashbacks, you have ample options to choose from in terms of colors and patterns. If you want the splashbacks to match your kitchen cabinets, choose softer tones like white, grey, etc. On the other hand, if you want the splashbacks to pop out, create a contrast with these tiled splashbacks.

Generally, there are two types of tiled splashbacks – the subway tiles and the herringbone pattern. The subway tiles offer a classy look while the herringbone patterned tiles make the kitchen area look spectacular and luxurious. In both the subway tiles and herringbone patterned tiles, you can play with the colors and patterns to create an amazing contrast.

  • Stainless Steel Splashback

One of the greatest benefits of attaching stainless steel splashbacks is the way they reflect natural light. Besides, the durability and sturdiness of these stainless steel splashbacks make them last for an eternity. In short, if you want to keep things simple and get an industrial look on your kitchen, investing in these stainless steel splashbacks is a great decision.

  • Acrylic Splashback

Want to give your kitchen area a contemporary, stylish, and modern look? The acrylic splashbacks have you covered. Not only are they easy to maintain, but also impart simplicity and give a classy finish. Besides, their easy maintenance makes them one of a kind.

Want to know an interesting fact about these acrylic splashbacks? You can use them both in the kitchen and the bathroom.


Therefore, depending on your requirements, the condition of your kitchen, its space, and size, you can pick any splashback from the list mentioned above. Along with installing them in the kitchen, using glass balustrade stairs to match the kitchen decor is sure to take the interiors of your home one level up.

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