10 Key Factors to Consider When Hiring an SEO Company

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When looking to improve search engine rankings and online visibility, many businesses consider hiring an SEO company or Yelp advertising agency. However, not all SEO agencies are created equal and there are several key factors to evaluate when vetting potential companies. Taking the time to thoroughly research options can help ensure you choose an ethical, experienced SEO company that will deliver lasting results.

SEO Strategy and Planning

Before initiating any SEO work, the agency should develop a comprehensive strategy and plan based on an assessment of your business, target customers, competitors, website, and objectives. This roadmap should outline specific recommendations, terms, deliverables, timelines, and milestones. Pay close attention to the proposed approach and ensure it aligns with your business goals.

Experience and Past Results

Be sure to assess the SEO company’s experience in delivering solutions similar to what you need for companies in your industry. Examine their client portfolio and case studies that demonstrate positive outcomes they’ve achieved. You’ll gain confidence working with an established company with relevant experience versus one still building their reputation.

Tools and Techniques

Ethical agencies utilize many SEO tools, techniques, and best practices, including keyword research, metadata optimization, site mapping, link building, technical audits, content improvement, etc. They should elaborate on their methodology, include specifics in the proposal, and provide reasons why recommended solutions will drive your desired results.

Reporting and Communication

Ongoing reporting and transparency into efforts should be expected from a reputable SEO company. They should commit to providing regular analytics and updates on key metrics, rankings, and progress made. Open communication builds trust and enables adjusting course when necessary to stay aligned with business objectives.

Reputation and Reviews

The SEO industry has its share of unethical “snake oil” vendors making unrealistic promises. Protect yourself by thoroughly researching a company’s reputation including better business bureau ratings, online reviews, credentials, thought leadership, and industry recognition. Favorably regarded companies earn respectable reputations whereas unknown new companies should raise caution.

Specialization Experience

  • While some SEO agencies handle a broad range of verticals, ideal candidates have deep experience in your specific niche or category.
  • This translates to greater efficiency, insights, and ideas that leverage existing expertise.
  • Specialized knowledge often proves more impactful compared to general, one-size-fits-all approaches.

Team Qualifications

Examine credentials, skills, backgrounds, and certifications held by the SEO team assigned to manage your business account. You want confidence you’re partnering with experts who bring strong capabilities. Having an account manager with proven expertise across technical and content-focused areas provides an advantage.

Auditing Their Link Building Approach

While referral links remain crucial for driving rankings, search engines decree strict rules around manipulative linking practices. Unfortunately, some agencies resort to shady tactics like bulk purchases that often fail or violate guidelines. Scrutinize their methodology to ensure an emphasis on building relevant, high quality backlinks from reputable websites.

Ethics and Compliance

Unfortunately, some agencies resort to “black hat” shortcuts, tricks, or techniques that violate search engine guidelines. This not only risks penalties that dramatically reduce visibility but also undermines results longevity. Scrutinize their approach and ensure they follow strict ethical standards aligned with industry best practices.

Pricing Flexibility

While agency costs are certainly a factor, resist the notion of simply accepting the lowest bidder. Consider value delivered more importantly than absolute price. Some companies start engagements with a 3-6 month test budget to demonstrate capabilities before committing. Others structure pricing tied directly to performance milestones achieved. Seek flexibility when possible.

The SEO agency candidate demonstrating strengths across these critical factors stands the best chance of creating the online growth outcomes your business seeks. Weigh each carefully during evaluations to make a sound hiring decision.

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