Should Your Landlord Include Lawn Care Services With Rent?

Garden lawn service

Who is responsible for cutting the lawn?

What about trimming your hedge? Raking the leaves?

What is the best way to clean gutters?


If that’s not enough, why don’t you also remove the snow?

Does the landlord pay for the water bill if you have to irrigate the lawn?

There are many things to consider as a tenant or landlord when determining who pays for lawn care and lawn mowing services

Here is the thing Whether you’re moving to a new home or you have just invested in a rental property for the first time, you need to be aware of the laws that govern lawn care.

Since the dawn of the property owner and the renter, has been plagued by this age-old question.

Landscape agreements are determined by location and local market.

Both the landlord and the tenant need to consider several factors when deciding who will be responsible for the lawn maintenance.

Landlords and tenants can choose from three different types of agreements for lawn care

  1. Self-Service Lawn Care
  2. Full Service Lawn Care
  3. A-La-Carte Agreements
  4. Self-Service Lawn Care
A tenant will be accountable for lawn maintenance under this kind of contract

The tenant is accountable for any maintenance. This includes mowing, weeding, and pruning. Mulching. Cleaning gutters.

If the law permits it, the landlord could be penalized or fined by a local municipal authority if they don’t maintain the lawn correctly. This arrangement can be extremely dangerous if the property is part of the form of a Homeowners Association.

However, a contract can only be successful if the responsibilities are clearly defined to the tenant. In the absence of this, there may be miscommunications later on. Tenants, as landlords, may not be as accountable as they believe.

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  1. Full-Service Lawn Service
A full-service agreement for lawn care will allow the property owner to handle all aspects of grass care

Most of the time, the landlord will hire a professional lawn service for regular lawn maintenance. Snow removal is often included in yard maintenance, especially in climates with a lot of snow.

This is a great option for tenants because they can relax and not worry about lawn care. The landlord also knows that the job will be done correctly. Of course, the downside for the landlord is that they have to foot the bill. The rent would also likely increase a little with this type of agreement, But in the end, there are no problems or questions for either party. This is the best solution for landlords who rent out properties within an HOA or apartment complex.

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  1. A-la-Carte Lawn Care Agreement
This agreement falls somewhere between the two

It may be stated in the agreement that the landlord pays for lawn fertilizing and garden maintenance, but the tenant is responsible for watering and mowing the yard.

As a middle-of-the-road agreement, this type of agreement is good for both parties. Renters will be able to save money by requiring less effort from the landlord. The agreement should clearly state the responsibilities of each party. Any grey areas could be detrimental to either party.

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