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FREELANCE – Be Your Own Boss

Freelancers pick their hours, the work they do, the clients they work with, and may even have the option to work from a distance. Freelancers acknowledge payment as a trade-off for offering some service. That service-providing agreement is mostly for a short period.

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JSMU Literary Society


Flapping her wings with all her might,
Suddenly a paradise caught her sight;
Grains scattered in the field all over,
And she thought “Ah! what could be better”,

Winner in the Poetry category of Saday-e-Qalam: All Karachi Writing Competition by JSMU Literary Society.

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who am i poetry


  The day I born , The day I cried, That moment remind me ‘who am I’ The busiest day and seeing parent’s smile, That

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Annus aryani

How To Start Forex Trading

Interested in learning how to start forex trading? Understand the market, choose a reputable broker, open and fund your account, learn the platform, and start trading with caution

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